Concentration and cohesion, concentricity, continuous innovation, collaboration and win-win situation.

Business purpose of the credibility of the first, the user first, quality satisfaction, delivery on time, willing to cooperate with you in good faith, hand in hand. Service purpose of warm reception of new and old customers, to understand exactly what the customer needs; strict quality process control, to ensure that the contract delivery cycle: timely quality tracking, rapid treatment of quality objections.

Quality purpose to better than the domestic and international standards of factory control standards, to meet customer expectations and requirements for the physical quality of products. Spirit of enterprise is full of reputation of Sinochem, famous in the world!



The corporate vision of Ningbo Chaohe Plastic Co., Ltd. is to become a leading global provider of plastic products and solutions, to provide customers with high-quality, innovative and efficient products and services, and to achieve sustainable development. To realise this vision, the company focuses on the following aspects:

1. Continuous R&D and innovation: Increase investment in R&D, focus on technological innovation and product upgrading, and improve core competitiveness.

2. Improve production efficiency: optimise production process, improve production efficiency and reduce cost.

3. Focus on talent construction: actively introduce and cultivate excellent talents to build a high-quality and efficient team.

4. Strengthen brand building: continuously improve brand awareness and reputation, strengthen marketing and channel construction.

With both hands to forge ahead, with the ability to create the future, to become and be recognised as a company that provides world-class consumer goods and services, Endeavour has no bystanders, you and I are practitioners, - day effort is the triumph of the moment to adhere to into eternity, responsible, the attitude that determines everything, a responsible attitude in order to have a reverence for the heart, aspirations, dreams only! There is a future, dream how far we can go.

Corporate Vision


Adhere to the cultural character of "win-win cooperation" and develop the "four haves" culture of high-tech: thinking, vitality, perseverance and achievement.


Determine the way out by thinking, and plan the layout with a high and distant pattern


We are used for vigorous and vigorous teams


Only perseverance can make you achieve your goal


I have made great achievements in my career